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What do you need to include for complete Fitness?

What should your weekly schedule include for a rewarding fitness regime?
Firstly, your goal will determine the content, volume and intensity of your schedule but whether you are a Golfer, Runner, Boxer, General Keep Fit Gym goer or a Fat Loss Transformer, the general content will still require attention to similar areas.
Here is your skeleton guide to what you should focus on to reach complete Fitness!
Resistance Exercises:
To promote strength, stimulate, tone and preserve Muscle mass, prevent injury & burn calories.

Building Muscle Burning Fat!
Cardio Exercise:
To enhance the aerobic system and increase endurance. This is better done in Interval form as it saves time & provides better results.

Pick a suitable way, even bodyweight exercises!
Myofacial Release:
To assist mobility and flexibility and to increase Oxygen flow, preventing against injury in the process.

 Cheaper than Massage & Physio!
To maintain and increase flexibility, maintain and improve performance and prevent against injuries.

Stay Athletic for as long as you can! Strength is nothing without Flexibility!
To fuel your workouts, fuel your recovery and keep your metabolism firing on full. The timing and balance of your Nutrition is critical to your targets. Include as many unprocessed single ingredient foods in your weekly food plan.

Balance is Key!
A vital component for mental and physical recovery.

Aim for an average of 8 hours!
No dehydrated body will perform to its maximum ability no matter what the target for the training is. Sadly, alcohol and coffee are huge dehydrators.

Or eat hydrating foods & LIMIT Alcohol! Sorry…
For any help regarding any area of your fitness, contact me by email.

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