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In 2012 I helped my Fat Loss clients shift a collective total of 300kg with combined Fat Loss Nutrition plans and Training programmes!



I am a Personal Trainer who specialises in Body Transformations. In 2012 I helped my Fat Loss clients shift a collective total of 300kg with combined Fat Loss Nutrition plans and Training program’s!

The minimum loss over 4 weeks was 4kg. The maximum loss over 4 weeks was 9kg. And with total individual losses of over 10kg, 15kg and 20kg over extended periods,the success of my plans are backed up with real life results for normal people who are struggling with weight issues. I believe in the power of effective nutrition plans and supplementation to help everyone reach the next performance level, whether they are ordinary people or athletes.

I have progressed a long way as a personal trainer over the last 20 years, I used to think that everyone could eat whatever they wanted as long as they trained hard but now I understand the power of nutrition, especially when my clients target is Fat Loss! If you’re already looking to shift weight, there is simply no way that you will out exercise a poor diet!

I realise that most people who come to me for Fat Loss, want to achieve their goal as quickly as possible and that’s how my intense nutrition plans are designed to work, quickly. However for the more patient ones out there these formulae can be adjusted to suit the person on the plan.

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I am a Titleist Performance Golf Fitness Professional and with the level of player that I work with, from 28 to Scratch, my main priority is to keep as many Golfers as possible on the course throughout the year, better preparing their bodies with each session for the stresses that the game places upon it, whilst their Golf Pro makes the necessary adjustments to their techniques. I work with a team of PGA professionals at Roehampton Club, Surrey.

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I also work with athletes with specific targets, my personal sporting background is in Boxing and Football but I trained British over 35 Tennis Champion Karen Cross in preparation for the World Championship Team event which GB won in San Diego 2012. I am working with a talented young cricketer who is focussing on his strength and conditioning. I am also a licensed UEFA B Football Coach and have coached under 10′s all the way up to Semi Professional Level as well as working with individual players on their fitness and strength and conditioning.

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I have worked with an extensive array of clients from Sports Professionals to Pensioners with all types of goals and have helped many people to transform both their bodies, their lives and hit their performance targets.

I am now based in London and am currently educating many clients as to how to attain their goals.

I see every client as the ultimate challenge as everyone is different and everyone has different targets. I really do set your goals with you and the good news is, that even when you feel like quitting, I won’t let you and I’ll urge you over that finishing line.

I offer an array of Nutrition and Training packages online, I believe my Fat Loss packages to be amongst the best that are out there and the results of them speak for themselves. You will be entering into a partnership that you will find professional, rewarding and enjoyable. My priority clients reach their goal in the shortest timeframe possible.

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