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The Abdominal Finisher

This sequence of 3 exercises can be added in to the end of any workout to hone in on the mid section as shown below:

The 4 sections to “The Abs”


Renegade Row

Side Plank with Abduction




Change your Ab routine around for the best Results!

If you’re not getting results then drop me a line!

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The Toughest Exercise to Master – Pull Ups – Made Easy!

In my time as a Personal Trainer, (over 20 years), one of the exercises that has caused the most intrigue and the one that many people feel that they could never master, has been Pull Ups, (Chins).

A tough exercise to perform without training.[/caption]

This exercise requires a tremendous amount of strength, to a level that many of the clients that I work with, including Athletes, will find beyond their reach.

This exercise has now been brought into many peoples range of strength with the use of Power-bands as shown below:

IMG_0973-1Power Band Chins Video

This will assist you in knocking out sets of 8 quality Chins at a time. In time you will then be able to gradually reduce the strength of your band until you are performing full body weight chins!

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My Top 5 Fats for Healthy Eating & Fat Loss Plans

Fats are an essential part of out diet, FACT!

When the world went Low Fat crazy, where did that get us? More Obese!

I believe that and have proven with many successful Fat Loss attempts that range between 10-20Kg, that dependent on your activity level for the day, between 25% and 50% of your caloric intake for the day, should come from healthy Fats and these Fats should be combined with a source of Protein, never Carbohydrate.

Here are my top 5 Fat sources:

  1. Avocado
  2. Nuts
  3. Mackerel
  4. Salmon
  5. Olive Oil

21g Fat[/caption]


15-20g Saturated Fat per 100g[/caption]


16g Fat per 100g[/caption]


12g Fat per 100g[/caption]


14g Fat per Tablespoon[/caption]

I trust you are all doing well?

Whether you’re on Fat Loss Plans, Rehab Exercises, Golf Fitness or Home Power Band Plans, I hope that you’re sticking with it? You only reap what you sow with exercise and your rewards will be the sum of your efforts, so get your body moving! You will never out exercise a poor diet either so get on track in the kitchen if Fat Loss is your target!

 In the last fortnight I have been working on my Golf game, I went to play at Coombe Hill on Friday and my focus had been building a stronger foundation for my swing with exercises such as Squats:

This exercise provides many benefits, it strengthens my legs to provide balance in my Golf swing and is also great for general health and fat loss. Read more

Moderation: The Key to Staying in Shape and Not Feeling Hard done by!

It’s that time of year again, the time where we begin to indulge in all of the sugary snacks of the holiday season, Alcohol and Rich Foods. Following Halloween and its barrage of candy coming to a close and the cold air blowing in, we begin to settle into old habits of lying on the couch under a blanket watching football eating and drinking all of the things we wouldn’t dare to during those warm summer months.

The onslaught of Christmas goodies hitting the grocery store shelves way too early and all the wines, liqueurs and beers being placed on special may make it hard to continue your quest to eat healthy and make it to those 6:30am pre work workouts.

Now there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a glass of red on the weekends or a tasty dessert, but doing so in moderation can help to avoid the acquisition of those dreaded extra holiday pounds.

Moderation is the key to enjoying the flavors of the holiday season while still enjoying taking that second long glance in the mirror enjoying the labors of all the hard work you put into those early morning workouts.

Balance my dear friends is key! That pleasant blend of exercise and nutrition, that when paired fairly will leave you happy in your Christmas outfits. Though when imbalance sets in… Cringing when you try to fit into them!


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The overhead lunge

This is a variation of the basic lunge exercise that works the entire body and has tremendous benefits for most athletes. By holding weights overhead while performing a lunge, you build upper- and- lower-body strength, increase the power and speed in the legs and improve core strength during movements.

Read more