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Be dedicated & committed to Fat Loss!

Fat Loss must be all out war!
You MUST give it a minimum of 28 days!
Within this 28 day timeframe your metabolism will start to ignite and your hormone balance will re-address.
And only when those issues have been fixed will your body start to strip away from your fat stores.
28 days is all it takes!
Attack it with all you have, don’t hope to lose Fat, Guarantee it!
It’s not a lifestyle choice, it’s a battle and if you persevere you will WIN!
Lose fat aggressively and then get back into moderation.” – MW
While I started lifting weights to get bigger and stronger as well as to stay lean for my modelling shoots,
there is no denying that most of us also had some vanity reasons behind our motivation to bulk up or tone up.
I’ll be the first to admit it. Nowadays though, I just want to stay healthy to chase around after my son.

Obviously as a Fat Loss specialist and P.T, I also need to be able to demonstrate that I know what I am talking about
and apparently looking “in shape” to the general population does require some visible muscle definition.
So while I don’t have to be walking around at six percent body fat anymore,
I do feel that I need to display a decent level of leanness.
And who doesn’t want to look and feel good anyway?

The process that I practice is based around whole foods and supplementation,
because I love food and good quality supplements, when used correctly, enhance results!
It’s about becoming Aggressive with Fat and getting it off my clients body at a rapid rate!
Everyone has a personal goal.
Maybe you don’t have to maintain an image for your career like I do but
You all have a reason to look good and feel good.
Whether it’s impressing a partner, a wedding, a beach holiday, sporting events or life enhancement.
That’s fine, whatever it is, a reason is good, I don’t care what it is, just have a reason.

My Fat Loss plans are great for those who have a summer goal and most of my sign ups are during the summer months.
People just want to get a little leaner for the summer months.
I spend most of the winter trying to put on size and, as many of you know, it’s hard to put on just muscle mass.
I have recently completed a bulking phase in which I gained 6kg and now I am in a cutting or leaning out period.
There’s always a little bit of fat accumulation in the bulking process
And my Fat Loss phase provides a great way to drop that extra fat while keeping my hard-earned muscle,
Not to mention a way to show off what you’ve gained.
Let’s back up a minute, though.
I know some of you are probably thinking,
“What does this former Boxer and model know about diet, nutrition, and fat loss?”
Well, what some of you don’t know is that I competed as a Boxer for quite a few years and spent my youth following pre-contest diets the majority of the time.
Clearly going into a Boxing ring I needed to maintain muscle to be as strong as I could whilst getting into the lowest weight category that I could make.
This was done with combinations of exercise and muscle mass feeding systems.
I adapted all of what I learnt to keep me strong and lean as a boxer,
To keep me lean and toned as a model and onto the coveted Men’s Health Cover.
Since those days I have adapted my methods to provide people with the necessary tools to rid their bodies of masses of excess Fat.
I restructure their weekly diets and I’ve become renowned as the man to see if you really want to get lean.
So, I don’t provide a magic pill, Fat Loss is a War and it does require hard work and dedication to shed body fat
But the proof is in the pudding, I have helped numerous clients lose body fat over the years.
So I’m pretty confident that I can help you drop some fat before summer too.
In terms of Fat Loss and helping people to shift up to 20kg in body fat, I’m now renowned as an expert in my field.
Important Fat Loss Facts:
Don’t imbalance your diet. You require Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates!
For quick results you require an exercise plan that is designed around your food plan.
Stay hydrated with Water and Green Tea.
A diet breaker each week for hormonal balance.
Lots of dedication for 28 days to see great results!
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