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5 Tips for revealing your inner 6 pack

We are all capable of a stomach like this!

We are all capable of a stomach like this IF we really want it!

Day to day for the last 15 years I have been dealing with people who want to flaunt a toned 6 pack stomach and today I’m going to give you 5 corrections to the common mistakes that I have been faced with over the years.

    If you really want to lose your stubborn midriff that you just can’t shift, then follow these steps over 4 weeks and you will be well on your way to the lean torso that you never felt possible.

Step 1: Eat a good quality Protein with every meal such as Fish, Meat, Eggs, or Whey.

Why? Protein contains Amino Acid, the building blocks of Muscle. Muscle is the Calorie burner in your body, therefore, the more muscle you have, the more Calories you burn. Eat your Protein source with green cruciferous vegetables and either a good Fat source such as Nuts or Avocado, or a healthy Carbohydrate such as Quinoa.

Step 2: Do total body metabolic resistance training circuits & DON’T fear Weight.

Sounds complicated but its simple. Get as many muscle groups working in the same set and use a weight that challenges you rather than one that resembles something that you dip into your tea! A good set is as follows:

Bar Squats, Press Ups, Lateral Lunges, Swiss Ball Mountain Climber, Pull Downs & a 300m Row.

Step 3: Replace Cardio with Intervals, they are PROVEN to be better for Fitness & Fat Loss as opposed to steady state Cardio.

Beginners must start at an appropriate level such as walking and appropriate intervals such as 1 minute on and 2 minutes off, if you find it too tough then you increase the rest period to start with. Athletes may use full on maximum capacity bursts of 6-10 seconds with the appropriate rest period.

Step 4: Sleep, get your rest and relaxation!

A lack of sleep can increase stress hormone Cortisol, this in turn makes it harder to sleep. You can help sleep issues by not eating late at night.

Step 5: Eat Carbs, Good Carbs BUT at the optimum time.

Breakfast NEED NOT contain Carbs but it should contain Protein. You do not need to eat heavy Carb meals in the evenings. Use all Carbs between mid morning & mid afternoon or Pre and Post workout where they will be used as energy and sucked up and used in recovery. Choose your Carbs from the healthier column such as Fruit, it does contain Fructose but don’t omit Fruit, it is full of Fibre as well as essential Vitamins and Minerals. Rice & Pasta can be replaced with Quinoa and wholesome vegetables.