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10 Common Result Zapping Gym Fails

1. Having your mobile with you. Why? Because its a constant distraction. I see people in the gym for an hour and they spend half of their hour texting! Give your gym the hour it deserves, your text can wait, your fitness can’t!


2. Not measuring rest periods. Why? Rest is overlooked, I have some clients who feel that they are wasting their money if they rest for a minute and their idea of a good workout is to be bludgeoned until they can take no more! Strength training can require an optimal recovery of 3 to 5 minutes, this is to full Phosphagen recovery between sets to allow maximum muscular force in each set. Cutting and Endurance trainers require less, between 30-60 seconds or a 1:1 ratio of work to rest. Circuit and interval training requires a rest period of 30-60 seconds dependent upon the work period, this can be as high as 6:1 Work:Rest. Don’t let your results go BANG!


3. Not having a gym plan or a target. Why? Why have a gym membership if you don’t have a target? Why set aside valuable time to achieve nothing? Would you want as job without a salary?  Plan everything & Track everything!

4. Following the same routine. Why? Your body will acclimatize and slip back into it’s comfort zone. It’s called the dreaded plateau, the painful scenario of gum without results. Been there?


5. Thinking stomach isolating exercises will achieve that 6 pack. Why? If you can’t see your defined abs, they’re generally covered in too much skin fat, this will be better dispersed weighted circuits using larger muscles better equipped for burning fat and tailoring your diet for Fat Loss. Simple Circuit:

Press Ups. Squats. Burpee. Pull Downs. Crunches. 40 Seconds each.

6. Thinking that you can out exercise your diet. Why? Good luck if you think you can but you need to create calorie deficits each week to lose fat whilst eating enough wholesome foods to preserve lean muscle mass. Timings of Food groups such as Protein, Fat and Carbs as well as combinations can also play havoc with your results.

7. Thinking Cardio is best for Fat Loss. Why? Less taxing activity burns more fat in relative terms but not in absolute amounts. This is not an efficient way to zero in on your gut or your butt!


8. Thinking that 1 P.T session each week will keep you in check. Why? We’re Trainers, Not Magicians! We don’t get away with one session a week so why would it work for you! You need to supplement, get equipment at home and a program from your trainer!


9. Thinking that 3 PT session’s each week is too expensive. Why? 1 session a week over a year is 52 sessions but you won’t get results off that. Condense your outlay, if 52 sessions is what you can afford annually do it in spurts, 4 a week for 4 weeks 3 times throughout the year and get some results, you’d still have 4 sessions left in the bank to take to assist you with your solo plans! Results Results results!

165Kg Jan 2014

165Kg Jan 2014[/caption]

Sept 2014 115Kg

Sept 2014 115Kg[/caption]


10.  Thinking it’s just not possible. Why? I have dealt with people who have lost 50kg, that’s a small person! I have 50 year olds who have never done chins who can now do over 10! I have mat many people who thought that they couldn’t do it but they could and some of them did!