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The January Slog

January, often dry (no alcohol), often a slog (that new resolution to get fit/slim) and often deflating (as that fad diet and unsuitable training plan ends in failure!).

It doesn’t have to be that way!


There is a common myth that maintaining fitness and our physique as we move past 40 is a mere pipedream and much of the press endorses this theory. Thankfully this is NOT true. Your fitness and your physique (Your Results) are reliant on just 2 vital components and they are of course the same 2 components that I have been reinforcing to you for the last 5 years, “Your Results=Your diet and Your exercise!”

Lets analyse that as if it were and equation: “Your Results=Your diet and Your exercise.”

It makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Your Results throughout January will equal the match between Your Diet & Your Exercise!

Now I have dealt with many of you over the years and the most important element in that equation is the word “Your.”

As were all aware, there are millions of diets, dieticians, nutritional advisors, exercise experts, allergy testers etc etc out there trying to claim the formula for success but as I have said, success is only dependant upon 2 key elements and the key element in the equation is YOU!

You see my diet and my exercise works for me but sadly it doesn’t work for everyone and that is because my physical make up will be different to most of yours, (so you will require a differing amount of calories to me), just as your physical make up will be different to most people you know. You are almost as unique as your finger print with it comes to the equation, “Your Results=Your diet & Your exercise.” And there is the secret. You need a dietary plan that is unique to you, for example, foods that you like to eat, in the quantity that your body requires & at the times that your body requires it. Therefore the latest diet on offer in the press will work for a small minority of the people that choose to follow it. Just as your friends dietary success will not mean the same success for you. You will also need a training plan that will be tailored for you, for example with resistances that will provide a stimulus for you muscle, with exercises that are suitable for you and with a timetable and schedule to work in complete synergy with the food plan that you are following.

It does not matter whether you are trying to increase muscle or lose fat or both, the success of that equation will be totally dependant on Your diet & Your Exercise. Make sure that they both work for you, the calorific balance and value needs to be tailored to you and the timing of the meals needs to be strategically placed around your training schedule.

If you are finding that January is proving to be a hard slog and that you aren’t getting the results that you hoped or you’re on the verge of giving up or even worse have given up, then I’m here to help you with advice, diet plans, training plans and scheduling of your week. Remember, it isn’t rocket science, its a formula that depends on 2 aspects.

If you’re off track, get back on and if you need assistance, get in touch. Perhaps your diet plan needs a tweak or you need a boost with your workout or a sports massage? I am still holding gym & breakfast mornings for groups of 3-6 if you fancy signing up for Feb?

I am now running my PT and Nutritional business from home, I have all the equipment required to deliver appropriately tailored workouts for people focussing on Strength, Fat Loss, Mobility or Injury prevention/correction.  Resistance up to 150kg, Kettlebells, Bands, Ropes, Bike, Balls, Balance aids etc etc. I am also working towards my T.P.I Level 2 for all you golfers out there.

Happy New Year

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