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Free Fat Busting Workout

As we move into February I thought I’d post one of my most successful Fat-loss workouts used through January.

Remember, for the best Fat-loss results it is imperative to tailor your diet to your exercise schedule! Adopt a starvation diet plan and you WILL remain disappointed with your results. Structured Fast days have now become the norm with educated trainers when it comes to helping their clients to eliminate Fat but again the scheduling and pre preparation to a Fasting day is critical otherwise it can do further damage to a sluggish metabolism.

The Workout: Following a mobility warm up!

Set 1: The Exercises

Press Ups. TrX Pulls. Kettle-bell Lunges. TrX Squat Jumps. Burpee. TrX Hamstring Curl. Skipping or Battling Ropes.

Set 1: The Structure

Do as many of each exercise as possible in 40 seconds with good form. Rest for 1 minute before repeating the set twice more. Then rest 1 minute and move onto Set 2.

Set 2: The Exercises

Squat with Upright Row  (Ketttle-bell). Wide to Narrow Squat Jumps. Squat Thrusts. Kettle-bell Renegade Row. Band Military Press. Skipping or Battling Ropes.

Set 2 Structure: Same as Set 1.

The Nutritional aspect: When taking on an exercise circuit of this format with the intention of burning Fat, your food intake will be critical. I always prefer to get 2 meals in prior to my workout though that is not always possible. I start the day with a zero carb meal, combining Protein with Fat, such as an omelette. This start helps the body to handle carbs better for the rest of the day. I’d then be looking to get in some good Carbs and Protein around mid morning prior to training, I usually go for a Protein Smoothie with Fruit/Oats. I’d then take 2 more Protein & Carb meals following my training session and finish off the day with some good Fats and more Protein.

Remember your nutritional intake is unique to your own body and under eating will only help you to lose weight for approximately 2 weeks before your hormones go into Fat retention mode.

Give the workout a go and let me know how you do! MW