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Your biggest loss during lockdown?

Most likely some muscle mass and strength due to enforced detraining and reduced activity depending on whether you carried on with home and outdoor workouts or not.

Science backed studies are showing that detectable muscle loss begins following 4-6 weeks of detraining with an average loss of 1.5% each and every month however it can occur much sooner. That is without taking into account any nutritional calamities. So during lockdown you could potentially have lost between 3-5% 0f your muscle! Then when we take strength into account, in middle aged men and women, the reductions are even more dramatic, strength losses can run as high as 20% in approximately 10 weeks. Pretty scary to think you can exercise all year and run into such decline in a couple of months.

The good news is however that once you restart training you will make your gains in much shorter time than you lost it if you follow a structured plan, so let’s get rebuilding. A study of young women who had previously not exercised, showed that taking up exercise in a structured manner for 20 weeks, before being detrained for 30 weeks and then retrained for 6 weeks allowed them to regain their strength and lean mass that they had previously gained, thats great for regular trainers who have had this enforced break. Don’t sit back and wait for the gym to open though, start right now, get into your park or garden and work with bodyweight circuits if you have no equipment

If you need a plan designed for you or P.T sessions just drop me an email, I am now back working with safe social distancing measures in place and thorough cleaning of my equipment between sessions.

Real life reasons why losing muscle is a bad day?

1. Less Muscle = Less Metabolism = Less calories burn’t in a day = A bigger waistline!

2. Less Muscle = Poor Posture = Joint issues such as Back, Shoulder, Knee & Hip = Injury = Less Sport = Less Activity & big physio bills

3. Less Muscle = Less Strength = Less Power = Less Speed on your Tennis shots + Less coverage of the court + Reduced overall performance

4. Less Muscle = Less Strength = Less Power = Less distance on your golf shots = Reduced overall performance

As in every scenario there is always a positive! If you are a scale watcher and weigh yourself on a regular basis, you will have lost weight but there won’t be any positives to me out of that as Muscle is more dense than fat!

Stay safe



What a strange time we live in! Co-Vid 19

I hope everyone has made it through 2020 so far! Amidst all the uncertainty in life, it has become even more important for many of us, to focus on our health and well being.


Home workouts, diet plans for people I have never even met,  virtual P.T sessions, golf and health screenings have become the normal in my weekly routine whilst sitting at my desk. 5 years ago I would never have thought any of this even possible but it just goes to show how we can adapt.

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People have suddenly realised that they do have time if they make time and it has helped them to better prioritise what is important. I’m lucky really, 2 years ago I built my own PT studio but prior to building that I still used to be a big believer in supplementing my own gym work with home workouts and there is such a lot that you can do with minimal equipment. For example, if you invest in a foam roller, a stability ball, a couple of kettlebells and a skipping rope, you can still get an empowering workout done if you put your mind to it. It’s just about finding that bit of dedication to push yourself through instead of finding something else to do.


People used to think that fitness was all about being a member of a gym, sure it helps, especially if you know your way around using one but if you take a look around the gym the next time you’re in there (Whenever that may be!), take a look around and see how many people are making simple mistakes whilst exercising and how many physiques are on show that you’re envious of! It really isn’t where you go, it’s what you do!


So what could you be attempting to achieve during the gym lockdown? Well that depends on every individual so here are a few of the projects I’ve been working on with people during lockdown:

i. Over fat or worried about fat gain? Simple, get fit in the garden with some bodyweight metabolising resistance circuits and lose fat in the kitchen by getting your food intake into line. People often ask, which is the best diet to follow, if you’re talking about crash diets, I don’t care for any of them but if you’re really interested in changing your lifestyle to make some serious progress in your body composition then a full balance of Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat is essential whether you are looking to add muscle or lose fat. The numbers in those nutrients are obviously critical for your progress and they are all taken care for you in any of my nutrition plans. So if you’re having problems message me and sign up today! This service is now available remotely via email and FaceTime.

ii. Immobile? Then work on your mobility. The consensus seems to be that as we get older we have to take up and rely solely on Pilates especially if we’ve injured our back. Wrong! Pilates should be used to compliment your strength & mobility program. The foam roller (Several different types) cures a multitude of sins within the body, everyone who works at a desk or plays a lot of sport or suffers from immobility, quite simply put, needs one! And once you have one, you need to use it! If you move your body it will adapt and if you challenge your body it will get stronger, just don’t wait until its too late! For rollers and bands head to my store: Or to book an assessment message me.

iii. Poor posture? Then work with postural strengthening exercises, it is no use lumping extra weight onto a squat bar if you have poor posture, that is just going to take you straight to the physio room. Postural exercise is a simple as learning to stand up straight but good posture is vital for improving our physical appearance, injury prevention, sporting performance (specifically Golf) and strength. It is the fine tuning exercises that assist this. Opening out the chest and extending the Thoracic spine give a persons stature a whole new demeanour. A postural hour is a great take home tool, you then have to apply it to your standing, sitting and walking positions to reinforce the new motor units that have been learned. Often a lack of mobility and stability will lead to poor posture.

iv. Currently injured? Then do your rehab program, this is the time to put in to your recovery! I know it’s boring but it takes your body through the building blocks of recovery.

v. A frustrated golfer? If lockdown has thrown your game out of sync then work on your screening results for stability, mobility, strength or power. Remote screenings now available, message me for details.

vi. A Tennis player? Then footwork drills, mobility and aerobic/strength conditioning will serve you well. Train well to play well!

There really is plenty that you can be doing, rather than waiting for the gyms to re-open! Take advantage of summer and the time that you have away from the office, this is a time to press the reset button on your health.

I am now actively back outside for PT sessions, social distancing measures adhered to, disinfecting of equipment and use of hand sanitiser at each session and I am still available for virtual PT and assessments. My studio is now open with limited time slots available due to cleaning between sessions. Email me for details.

Thought for 2020:

Don’t give your mind solely to wealth, the day will come when you will gladly trade all you have, just for your health.

Training and Nutrition plans, Remote sessions available online: email me for details.

Stay safe and the best of luck to all of you for the rest of this crazy year! MW