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Body Transformation

The power of Exercise and Nutrition when tailored correctly gives phenomenal and oftentimes, life changing results, particularly when coupled with the determination of an individual to succeed.

This is the transformation of Brad Young.

Brad 1

I discussed Brad’s goals with him in December 2013, 18 month’s prior to his impending wedding to Georgina next year. He seemed keen to lose fat but I asked him to go away and think it through. I needed to know if he really wanted to achieve it, as it would take much commitment on his part.

Weighing in at 165Kg Brad’s response was instant, “Lets do it!”

We started in January 2014, Brad was placed on a stringent eating plan, 5 meals a day for 5 days, a balance of Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat, 1 Hormonal reset day where he could eat as he wished in moderation and 1 complete Fast day.

He matched that with his training plan which totalled 3 hours a week. 3×45 minute Metabolic Resistance Days and 2×25 High Intensity Interval workouts.

This is what happened:

165Kg Jan 2014

165Kg Jan 2014[/caption]


July 2014 127.8Kg

July 2014 127.8Kg[/caption]

 The discipline in the diet was provided by Brad himself, the person who is on the transformation has to make it happen, if you want to find them, there are millions of excuses why not to stick to the plan.

The team of trainers who provided the training all work at Roehampton Club, Emily, Sarah, Jerome, Andy, Roy and myself. I can guarantee that Brad found his sessions challenging but he also enjoyed the diversity that was provided.

Brad gym

He is still going strong and I have set him a final target of 115Kg prior to his wedding.

During his transformation Brad has so far reduced his body fat level from 35% to 22%, he has higher energy levels and massively increased mobility.

Well Done Brad!