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Fitness Tips

For those of you who are on Fat Loss Phases, if you haven’t seen enough progress in 2015 its

Nutrition Rules:


Keep your kitchen junk free! Ditch all the go to comfort foods that you stock up on! Eliminate any paths to failure. Then failure won’t be an option. Then get back to your successful food plans and stick to them, balance is key, good quality Proteins, Healthy Fats & Fibrous Carbohydrates, in the right quantities at the right times!


Supplement with a multi vitamin, Omega 3 Fish oil & Vitamin D3. Being deficient in any of these will detract from progress.


Balance out 5 meals a day with your Carbs consumed before and after training.


Protein sources should be taken with every meal. Never eat Carb only meals, they instantly raise blood sugar thus putting your body into storage mode. The amounts of Protein, Fat & Carbs that we consume is unique to all of us so don’t just follow your friends diet. Cruciferous green veg is key as well, it helps the body to absorb the Protein so load up with this at meal time.


Ditch all processed Carbs! Simple, replace them with Fruit, Veg and Pulses.


Don’t eliminate Fat, this is the main path to failure. Your body will NOT burn Fat if you don’t eat healthy Fats!


Hydrate well, with plenty of water, Green or Herb Tea. Moderate Coffee. Dehydration limits performance and decreases results. It causes fatigue and raises Cortisol, the killer stress hormone. Check your urine, a hydrated body should run clear.


Supplement with workout shakes, these are a great way to replace meals, a Protein & Fruit laden shake is a perfect Protein & Carb combination after training.


Stick to your plan for at least 4 weeks, Fat doesn’t just vanish but with a bit of effort and commitment Fat Loss is Easy!

Good Luck!

For those of you who are looking to improve your game, your strength phases should be fading out and its time to see if your body is up to swinging the club. It’s all well and good going to the gym but if you’re going for sporting improvement, it’s vital that you are following a program that will benefit performance. The best way to achieve this is to undergo a physical screening first. The images of the subject swing below are taken prior to and after an 8 week Golf course. You can see for yourself the difference in plane lines on the body at the top of the backswing. Often the problem can be Physical and NOT Technical.



If you’re finding time hard to come by and getting to the gym is becoming impossible it may be time to use home workouts. These are as simple as body weight routines or more advanced by incorporating Powerbands. There are a series of Power band workouts available on Youtube, just search MWPT Powerbands. The weighted Squat is shown below. These are also a great way of introducing juniors to Resistance training and mastering some Olympic lifts with less chance of injury.


Good Luck. MW