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Physical & Mental wellbeing and a strong immune system

Hi Everyone,

I hope this post finds you fit & healthy?

I’ve had many queries over the last 12 months relating to what people should be doing during this tough lockdown and so here is a little bit of general advice.

Many people are feeling more of a strain during this second lockdown, ourselves included and this is largely in part to the lack of outdoor activity and the good old english weather. The strain that this has placed on people mentally has been huge and has led to lot of demotivated people making even worse choices in the kitchen.

Of course, this is the time of year that many of us fall foul to bugs and illness but this year particularly, the risks has been heightened. Every year we can make a correlation at this time of year between the illness and the weather (obviously there are more bugs around), dietary changes (New Year crash diets), dehydration (we drink more tea & coffee & less water) and we also eat heavier & less nutritious meals. I believe that this is occurring as much this year as in any other year. 20 years ago my ideals on fitness were all about vanity, I just wanted to look as fit and healthy as possible, I wasn’t worried about how long I’d live in the slightest. Now however, as a 50 year old father (April 2021) to a 6 year old son, my outlook has flip flopped completely. I have a responsibility to him to be around for at least another 25 years and now, that is my focus. I don’t want to merely survive and scrape by for 25 years though, my intention is to keep attacking life and to push my body to serve me so that I’m still playing golf and retaining my athleticism for as long as possible.

Exercise is now a vital component to getting the most out of my body, the human skeleton is designed to last for 100 years and if you treat it well, it will. Sadly we live in the age where bodies are being burned out in 40 years sometimes through unfortunate instances but largely due to maltreatment. Exercise raises the bar for your immune system and research,(as well as my own experience of dealing with people who have battled serious illness), shows that fitter individuals have a better outlook when it comes to winning the battle over serious illnesses, including Corona Virus. Herein lies a major concern for me as prior to and during this lockdown many have succumbed to Christmas indulging in excessive food and alcohol and now crash diets have taken over again coupled with exercise and sport being limited due to the lockdown and the weather. There will have been a reduction in the fitness levels of many individuals out there.

It is critical now for all of us to do whatever we can to maintain our fitness levels even though the gyms are closed and tennis & golf are off the agenda. In these times, something is better than nothing!

Why is exercise so important?

Well exercise is known to elevate Superoxide Dismutase within our bodies, this is an anti oxidant that is secreted from our muscles during exercise and it binds to vital organs to be used to fend off attacks from free radicals that try to bring us down with illness. Its production is elevated during cardio exercise. Strength training is also vital, more so when we hit forty, muscle mass is linked to longer life expectation, particularly with patients being treated for cancer and other serious chronic illnesses. Foods rich in S.O.D include Broccoli and Cabbage. In Corona Virus times, it is worth noting that low levels of SOD have been linked to lung diseases.

So in the bleak midwinter under a national lockdown here is some general advice to stay mentally and physically active while your immune system remains fighting fit:

Firstly, train smart, remember something is better than nothing and we can all get out to walk even if it is cold. 30 minutes of moderately intense cardio such as pace walking will do the trick. For the more accomplished, interval cardio will help to ramp up your immune system, examples of this The Titleist Performance 30 second sprint followed by a 4 minute recovery x5 preceded by a warm up and followed by cool down or the 20 second sprint, 10 second rest x8 Tabata protocol.

Secondly, make strength your focus, preservation of muscle mass is vital as we age and in these times, strength training seriously reduces the hormone cortisol that is responsible for stress. Sure we all prefer the gym. I, like many of my friends are fortunate enough to have their own training facility now and even if you don’t, find a room, use the garage or wrap up and get outside, remember something is better than nothing. You don’t need machines either, bodyweight, resistance bands and free weights are better for you anyway. You can mix your training up, start with mobility and higher reps if you don’t have weight available, when the gyms finally open, you will feel better for it and also be in better shape for golf and tennis!

And finally, do your own rehab, mobility, flexibility and stability are the biggest drain of strength in my clients and we place that on ourselves with poor posture and a lack of activity. Get your roller out, stretch and mobilise to reduce those self imposed restrictions that sitting, sleeping and poor posture have placed upon your muscles that then start impinging your skeleton. Yoga poses are also excellent for reducing stress, inflammation and immobility so get up and do what you can, today!

If anyone finds themselves struggling or needs further advice, feel free to get in touch for a chat. I’m also still available for outdoor or virtual PT.

Take care and keep going, hopefully this will all be over soon.


Your biggest loss during lockdown?

Most likely some muscle mass and strength due to enforced detraining and reduced activity depending on whether you carried on with home and outdoor workouts or not.

Science backed studies are showing that detectable muscle loss begins following 4-6 weeks of detraining with an average loss of 1.5% each and every month however it can occur much sooner. That is without taking into account any nutritional calamities. So during lockdown you could potentially have lost between 3-5% 0f your muscle! Then when we take strength into account, in middle aged men and women, the reductions are even more dramatic, strength losses can run as high as 20% in approximately 10 weeks. Pretty scary to think you can exercise all year and run into such decline in a couple of months.

The good news is however that once you restart training you will make your gains in much shorter time than you lost it if you follow a structured plan, so let’s get rebuilding. A study of young women who had previously not exercised, showed that taking up exercise in a structured manner for 20 weeks, before being detrained for 30 weeks and then retrained for 6 weeks allowed them to regain their strength and lean mass that they had previously gained, thats great for regular trainers who have had this enforced break. Don’t sit back and wait for the gym to open though, start right now, get into your park or garden and work with bodyweight circuits if you have no equipment

If you need a plan designed for you or P.T sessions just drop me an email, I am now back working with safe social distancing measures in place and thorough cleaning of my equipment between sessions.

Real life reasons why losing muscle is a bad day?

1. Less Muscle = Less Metabolism = Less calories burn’t in a day = A bigger waistline!

2. Less Muscle = Poor Posture = Joint issues such as Back, Shoulder, Knee & Hip = Injury = Less Sport = Less Activity & big physio bills

3. Less Muscle = Less Strength = Less Power = Less Speed on your Tennis shots + Less coverage of the court + Reduced overall performance

4. Less Muscle = Less Strength = Less Power = Less distance on your golf shots = Reduced overall performance

As in every scenario there is always a positive! If you are a scale watcher and weigh yourself on a regular basis, you will have lost weight but there won’t be any positives to me out of that as Muscle is more dense than fat!

Stay safe



What a strange time we live in! Co-Vid 19

I hope everyone has made it through 2020 so far! Amidst all the uncertainty in life, it has become even more important for many of us, to focus on our health and well being.


Home workouts, diet plans for people I have never even met,  virtual P.T sessions, golf and health screenings have become the normal in my weekly routine whilst sitting at my desk. 5 years ago I would never have thought any of this even possible but it just goes to show how we can adapt.

IMG_7523 4

People have suddenly realised that they do have time if they make time and it has helped them to better prioritise what is important. I’m lucky really, 2 years ago I built my own PT studio but prior to building that I still used to be a big believer in supplementing my own gym work with home workouts and there is such a lot that you can do with minimal equipment. For example, if you invest in a foam roller, a stability ball, a couple of kettlebells and a skipping rope, you can still get an empowering workout done if you put your mind to it. It’s just about finding that bit of dedication to push yourself through instead of finding something else to do.


People used to think that fitness was all about being a member of a gym, sure it helps, especially if you know your way around using one but if you take a look around the gym the next time you’re in there (Whenever that may be!), take a look around and see how many people are making simple mistakes whilst exercising and how many physiques are on show that you’re envious of! It really isn’t where you go, it’s what you do!


So what could you be attempting to achieve during the gym lockdown? Well that depends on every individual so here are a few of the projects I’ve been working on with people during lockdown:

i. Over fat or worried about fat gain? Simple, get fit in the garden with some bodyweight metabolising resistance circuits and lose fat in the kitchen by getting your food intake into line. People often ask, which is the best diet to follow, if you’re talking about crash diets, I don’t care for any of them but if you’re really interested in changing your lifestyle to make some serious progress in your body composition then a full balance of Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat is essential whether you are looking to add muscle or lose fat. The numbers in those nutrients are obviously critical for your progress and they are all taken care for you in any of my nutrition plans. So if you’re having problems message me and sign up today! This service is now available remotely via email and FaceTime.

ii. Immobile? Then work on your mobility. The consensus seems to be that as we get older we have to take up and rely solely on Pilates especially if we’ve injured our back. Wrong! Pilates should be used to compliment your strength & mobility program. The foam roller (Several different types) cures a multitude of sins within the body, everyone who works at a desk or plays a lot of sport or suffers from immobility, quite simply put, needs one! And once you have one, you need to use it! If you move your body it will adapt and if you challenge your body it will get stronger, just don’t wait until its too late! For rollers and bands head to my store: Or to book an assessment message me.

iii. Poor posture? Then work with postural strengthening exercises, it is no use lumping extra weight onto a squat bar if you have poor posture, that is just going to take you straight to the physio room. Postural exercise is a simple as learning to stand up straight but good posture is vital for improving our physical appearance, injury prevention, sporting performance (specifically Golf) and strength. It is the fine tuning exercises that assist this. Opening out the chest and extending the Thoracic spine give a persons stature a whole new demeanour. A postural hour is a great take home tool, you then have to apply it to your standing, sitting and walking positions to reinforce the new motor units that have been learned. Often a lack of mobility and stability will lead to poor posture.

iv. Currently injured? Then do your rehab program, this is the time to put in to your recovery! I know it’s boring but it takes your body through the building blocks of recovery.

v. A frustrated golfer? If lockdown has thrown your game out of sync then work on your screening results for stability, mobility, strength or power. Remote screenings now available, message me for details.

vi. A Tennis player? Then footwork drills, mobility and aerobic/strength conditioning will serve you well. Train well to play well!

There really is plenty that you can be doing, rather than waiting for the gyms to re-open! Take advantage of summer and the time that you have away from the office, this is a time to press the reset button on your health.

I am now actively back outside for PT sessions, social distancing measures adhered to, disinfecting of equipment and use of hand sanitiser at each session and I am still available for virtual PT and assessments. My studio is now open with limited time slots available due to cleaning between sessions. Email me for details.

Thought for 2020:

Don’t give your mind solely to wealth, the day will come when you will gladly trade all you have, just for your health.

Training and Nutrition plans, Remote sessions available online: email me for details.

Stay safe and the best of luck to all of you for the rest of this crazy year! MW


The most common pitfalls that limit your Fat loss:

I’ve had a few people contact me this year regarding their slow progress in January and there are a few common denominators that I thought I’d share with you:

1. People simply don’t eat enough food in January!


This is a side, NOT a main!

Everyone skips breakfast or eats a childlike portion of cereal in the morning with their coffee. Then they hit the salad boxes from Pret & M&S at lunch before getting home to another plate of rabbit food. As soon as folk wake up on New Years Day, they drastically cut calories and if the weight doesn’t fall off, they cut some more! The body fights back though, adjusts hormone levels & shuts down the metabolism. The fat stores remain, the body will win this battle over the brain time and time again. In addition to the calorie cut, the most important macronutrient to support metabolism, Protein, is the worst hit. Higher Protein diets aid the retention of muscle which is effectively metabolism which in turn leads to quality weight loss i.e Fat. Any time you are losing muscle on a diet is a bad day, even worse if you’re over 40! If you drop 2 kg of muscle in a week, your ability to reduce Fat in the following week is dramatically reduced and you are in a worse position than when you started the diet!

Solution: Incorporate the correct Protein levels for your lean mass and combine it with a balance of good carbs and fats!

2. You don’t have enough lean mass!

The Neglect image is achieved by losing muscle mass through a lack of exercise & starvation diets over time.

The Diet image is a body that is travelling the path towards The Neglect image, staying slim via calorie control and depleting muscle mass.

The Diet & Exercise image is Magic Time and is only achieved by combining a quality eating regimen with resistance exercise!

As we push past 40, we are usually losing our metabolism already and this leads most former experts to claim that age is the reason that we are becoming fatter and not losing weight. That is pie in the sky and NOT true! The metabolism slows because our changed lifestyle and behaviour as we age! We reduce activity or do the wrong types of activity that leads to a drop in our lean muscle that in turn leads to our reduced metabolism and a more puffy appearance. Now our infatuation with what the scale says leads us to eat less, increasing our nose dive to physical oblivion at a great rate of knots!


If you focus on the scale, you’re doomed! You need to incorporate resistance training and that can be achieved with bodyweight exercise or the use of weights. Generally when people lift weight, they have a slight weight increase but this IS A GOOD THING! Muscle assists Fat loss greatly! Couple this with the correct amounts of Protein, Carbs & Fat in the diet and you’re onto a serious winner, this is magic time!

3. You have inadequate sleep levels!


In todays age, this is bordering upon an epidemic. How many of you get 7-9 hours of quality sleep? Not many people I know! The drawbacks are: Disruption to Hormonal balance, Metabolism shut off and on top of that you’re likely to overeat, make poor meal choices, underperform in workouts if you don’t skip them altogether. It’s a proven stat that those lacking sleep have more fat & less muscle. Drawbacks of poor sleep patterns are listed in the image, add to that Increased Caffeine intake = Dehydration = Limited Fat loss. Reduced sex drive. Daily lethargy.


Set your bed time according to your alarm call and unwind from screens, emails, social media at least an hour before that, let your mind unwind.

4. Dehydration!


Now imagine your body is a toilet that gets used all day but never takes in any fresh water! Not a pleasant thought!

I’ve touched on this recently, a dehydrated body is much less efficient at burning Fat and it will also mistake thirst for hunger!


1 pint of water per 15kg of bodyweight daily.

5. Poor Planning:

Many people go into a Fat loss program merely hoping to lose Fat. Losing Fat is not hard at all, ok it isn’t easy if you’re making mistakes but when you get the diet balanced you’re halfway there but when you match the diet perfectly with the exercise, the magic happens! Plan tomorrows food today, don’t leave anything to chance! Carb & Protein meals either side of the workout, zero carbs at breakfast or dinner, its that easy. If Protein intake is tough to hit, use a Whey powder. And book your workouts in and… Make them! Literally diarise your week, it will help to highlight where you may be going wrong! Ok I said losing Fat is easy, I think I’ve successfully proved that over the years with many of you and personally I’ve maintained my weight consistently over the last 20 years but I appreciate it can be a challenge as it takes a fair amount of effort. Challenging though is much better than Frustrating and intending to lose Fat but not making it happen is extremely draining! No one wants to be on a diet forever, so don’t be, make lifestyle changes… And stick to them!


We’re almost through January now, so if you have been focussing on losing Fat through January and have been working productively on a successful plan, in a few days time you should be checking your progress to find that you are now between 8-14lbs down in body fat. Remember with the added muscle tone from a training plan you won’t see that full loss on the scales so focus on calliper tests, body measurements and photographs! If you have seen those successful losses, it isn’t time to give up now! Take those losses forward into February and make them a complete lifestyle change!


New Years Resolution Time! Again!

Ok so we’ve once again hit that time when everyone digs out their gym kit and sets off on their “New me” January fitness crusade but how long will everyone last this year? I mean let’s be honest here, is your resolution the same as it was last year? Or are you a stage ahead from where you were last year? People dive in to all sorts of gym classes, start their exercise at inappropriate levels of intensity and literally do one of two things with their food intake: 1. Either cut calories to a starvation level or 2. Unbalance their diet by eradicating the devils that they believe to be Carbs & Fat!


Most of us have been here before, we start with intent and yet by mid to late January, we’re back to where we started if we’re lucky or more commonly we’re in an even worse position. We become deflated by a lack of progress, Injured by poor training programs or ill due to incorrect body fuelling. So how do you counteract this so that you actually begin to see progression and keep moving forward throughout the year? Below is a blueprint for your 2019 New You!

1. Don’t dive in! Be honest, set yourself a clear target. If it’s to lose fat get an accurate calculation of how much you want/need to lose and have an appropriate fitness & food plan devised by a specialist. If it’s to get fitter, undergo a fitness test so you know where you are starting from. If it’s to drop a dress size take a photo of yourself in your dress to see how it fits right now,  you then have something to refer back to yourself. If it’s golf related don’t set out with a “Get fit for golf” mindset, break it down to an area of focus, such as: Mobility, Flexibility, Core, Strength or Power and get a screening and target your weakness or limitation with a T.P.I specialist.


 2. Track your own progression. For Fat Loss forget about your scales, use body fat testing and measurements. For Fitness, repeat your initial fitness test and for dress sizing, take the same photo in the same dress.  For Golf, simply re-screen. The take home message here is to chart your progress, it helps with motivation and flags up training plateaus early.


 3. Whether your effort is channelled into your training plan, your diet or P.T sessions, work with qualified people with proven track records in assisting people to reach their fitness goals. Be clear from the outset in what you are looking to achieve and ensure that your progress is charted at regular intervals. Then seek the guidance from the professionals that you enlist for help to guide you along the way, it’s not the one hour a day that you spend in the gym that will make or break your goals, you will have to buy into the correct procedures to follow daily in order to attain your goal, certainly within the realms of Fat Loss, you will never out exercise a poor diet.

4. Rome isn’t built in a day or a week or a month so don’t make this a January resolution, make it a lifestyle change. 


 Of course you should be looking to gain results as quickly as possible but it doesn’t always come as quickly as you’d like, depending on what your goal is. I once worked with an individual who wanted to lose 50kg, now he was doomed to failure if he’d have wanted to do that in January and so we broke it down into 5kg targets, come February he was over 5kg into his target. It took Brad 12 months to shift that weight but he did it!



 There were 2 ways to look at things in February for Brad: 1. Damn it another 45kg to lose, forget it! Or 2. Cool that’s 5kg gone, onto the next 5! Sure Brad had a few blips along the way but the key is, If you do fall off the wagon, (And many of us do at some point), then get straight back on the next day rather than letting that fall crush you into submission.


 So with your fitness targets whatever they may be, use the 21/90 formula, really 12 weeks will give you a much better chance of success and do wonders for your health at the same time. It will be so much more productive than the standard January health kick!  Form your new habits in the first 3 weeks of January and then let them redefine you up to the end of March. At this point, if you still have the selfie that you took of yourself in January as per point 2 in this article, now is a good time to refer back to it and see if you’d like to trade the New you for the Old you! If you’ve followed this blueprint, then I doubt you will!

Whatever you decide your target for January is, don’t fall for all the shortcuts that you see pumped around this industry:

1. The Fad diets         2. The Miracle pills        3. The latest fitness craze

                                                                Because if there is one thing that I can guarantee, there are:


And this is where most of my work is done now, I built my own fitness studio last year and kitted it out with everything that I need to help my clients to smash through their goals. Fat-loss, Toning, Strength, Power,  Speed, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, Injury Rehab & Athletic Development in Juniors. If any of require extra help then please get in touch. Happy New Year. MW

Just click on the question mark if the image doesn’t appear.

IMG_7523 4

Alleviate Back Pain with some simple moves!

I’ve worked with many people who have come to me via the Physio & the doctor in the last 12 months with differing levels of back pain. There seems to be a constant diagnosis of weak core, weak glutes & tight hamstrings! Ok, so as far as some of that may be relevant, the most commonly overlooked factor is tight hip flexors.

From my work as a T.P.I Golf Fitness Pro, I have learn’t that with any injury, you must first diagnose whether it is Joint mobility dysfunction or Tissue extensibility dysfunction and once you have done that, you can set about trying to heal yourself.

If your injury is skeletal, i.e a joint issue then of course you will need to seek assistance via the Medical Team, Doctors, Physios & Chiropractors etc However if the condition is a Tissue issue then a good PT should be able to take the shackles off.

Unlocking the Hips:

As you can see in the image, there are a lot of area’s where pain caused by hip issues can manifest itself, in time, leading to severe referred back pain. I’d have to say that 9/10 people that I have dealt with have not had hip joint issues but tissue issues around the joint, that prevents the hips range of motion. I have found that the key to good hip health is a combination of foam rolling combined with mobility & flexibility exercises. The hip is a ball & socket joint and it is has multi directional planes of movement and therefore should be trained in that way. Leg swings across 3 planes (Front to back, Left to Right and diagonal) are fantastic mobility exercises for the hip, moving the hip in a circular motion also. Multi directional lunges are preferred to same plane weighted lunges and an overhead lunge will help to break down the fascia in the front hip & quad area. Internal & External rotation of the hip is of a massive importance to Golfers as they turn in & out of each hip simultaneously during their Golf swing and exercises focussing on that motion are vital. The hip flexor, or Iliopsoas is the only muscle that links the upper body to the lower body and the welfare of this muscle is a major player in allieviating back pain. If this muscle is weak or tight, the motion of the hips can be compromised thus affecting the knees and/or the back. Oftentimes people mistake a lack of mobility in the hip as a strength issue, it is massively important to point out that strength is reduced with a lack of mobility in the joint so focus more on mobility first rather than strength! The hip flexor can become shortened with increased periods of sitting or driving etc so it is wise to stretch & mobilise following these periods. Certainly if you’ve been sitting at a desk all day and then head off to the gym for a stint on the bike or treadmill or a squat session, you’re going to feel that the next day!


Releasing the Hams & Strengthening the Glutes:

Ok so another problem with sitting a lot is the shortened position that you take the hamstrings into and whenever the hamstrings become tight the poor old back often gets lumbered with the pain. Stretching the hamstrings is easy enough to do with a resistance band as shown below:


The Glutes can also be stretched off to ease tension with pigeon stretch:


The glutes can often lose strength and exercises to assist their performance such as Bridges 1 & 2 leg, Hip Presses & single leg deadlifts will really hit the spot. The Glutes are the largest muscle in the body and when they are strong they massively assist the body’s performance both in Sport and daily activity.

Loosening the Erector Spinae & strengthening the core:

For loosening the back I prefer to see the use of rollers, this helps the individual to locate the area’s of tension for themselves and teaches them how to deal with it. However lengthening the spine is also worthwhile with total body extensions either standing or prone. Curving and arching the spine is a worthwhile daily movement as are rotary motions and sidebends. These are all motions that the spine should undertake when mobile and if you struggle with these movements 9/10 times it will be because of the restrictions that tight, matted down muscles are placing on the spine rather than the spine itself. Obviously another reason why the back may be overloaded could be due to a weak or disengaging core, again this is simple enough to work on once muscular tension has been released with the use of core exercises that keep the spine in extension such as mountain climbers. Although this seems to be a simple motion, full concentration is required to engage the core rather than to simply pump the legs forward with a rounded back. You can progress to doing this in plank on a stability ball. Crunches need not be frowned upon as a poor selection of core exercise, they just need to be performed correctly.


Remember, the easiest way to deal with back pain is with the correct diagnosis, once you’ve discovered whether you have a tissue or joint issue you can set about a healing pathway, if its joint then bring in the medics, if not set to work on regaining mobility with a few simple 30 minutes of mobility, flexibility & strength exercises.

For any assistance with aggravating or persistent injuries, get in touch, I’ll be happy to help.




If you have been avoiding Potatoes because you think they’re fattening then you can stop right now. If you’ve been told that they’re empty calories, then you’ve been lied to. So, are they bad for you or are they an quality food? A food that has been vilified as a devil Carb for years?

In the last 20 years or so Potatoes have received a growing bad press as a contributor to the obesity crisis that we are now in the midst of as well as the associated health complications that go with it. A conclusion has been drawn that Potatoes are empty calories and therefore over that period, Potato consumption has declined. With hindsight we can now see that Potatoes were not to blame for our rapidly altering average human physique.

Lets get to some facts, first off, how can a Potato be empty calories? If they were then they’d provide ZERO nutrients. In fact that statement could not be further from the truth!

Potatoes ARE rich in Carbohydrate and Carbs ARE a vital nutrient group that should be included in our diet! They also provide a concentrated source of Vitamin C, Dietary Fibre and Potassium. Incidentally all of which are nutrients which are nutrients of concern in todays obesity crisis. Fibre is lacking massively in the Western diet, a massive shame as it is a 5 Star nutrient that has a positive effect on the bodies blood sugar management levels, Heart health, Body composition & better digestion. Potatoes are high in soluble fibre which lowers cholesterol and is associated with leaner stomachs.

A Potato contains up to 3 times as much Potassium as a Banana and Potassium contributes to Heart , Bone and Kidney health. They even contain good amounts of Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc & Vitamin B6.

That demonised Potato also contains Resistant Starch which can: Increase Metabolic Rate, Reduce Insulin response to a meal, Improve Insulin Sensitivity, Reduce hunger, Increase Fat Burning & Decrease Fat Storage, Preserve Muscle Mass & Promote Weight-loss. It also acts as a pre-biotic fibre & thats a good thing! (Cooking can reduce the resistant starch level but that raises once they have cooled down).

Potatoes contain less than 1 calorie per gram although if you can only eat them as French Fries that calorific value increases dramatically. Of course boiled potatoes or a plain jacket will provide you with some decent calories however stuffing the jacket with Cheese, Beans, Sour Cream etc rockets that but in truth, the humble potato is not to blame!

So to sum up, Sugar is an empty calorie, Potato isn’t! Scientists now claim that the Potato is a forgotten source of nutrients and the potato is a fine source of Fibre &Potassium.

Eat them as a Carb component to your meal but eat them clean rather than ladled with excess calories!

Double Whammy! Lose your Christmas stomach & create Golf or Tennis Power in one exercise.



Ok lets face it if you’ve had “Plank 3×60″ written on your program for a month or more you need to ask why. There are many ways to jazz up a plank or a side plank with a few simple additions but there is an even better way to hit the obliques whilst working the Glutes, Shoulders & Triceps at the same time, The Kettlebell Snatch. Planks are limited anyway, where do you take them? 5 minutes? 10?

I like to see the Kettlebell Snatch implemented with clients of all ages and abilities, its great for power development in athletes (Golf & Tennis particularly) and general strengthening & core development in others. It’s also a massive calorie burner due to the muscles recruited & effort required. As with every exercise it’s form first so start with a comfortable weight, once you have that down, play around with your rep range whilst staying within yourself with weight, 6 reps with a heavier load and up to 15 reps if you want to work on reducing Fat but with a lower load. If you’re a Golf or Tennis Athlete working on Power this exercise needs to challenge your strength capability and be done at speed. If you have existing shoulder conditions I recommend The Pull Apart Shoulder series and Trigger Pointing to solve those issues first.

To get fitter for the February Snow slopes, Hit the Golf ball further, Condition for Tennis or Torch Fat at as Fast a rate as is humanly possible… Email, Call or Text me! MW




Happy Christmas Everyone,


I don’t want to be a party pooper buy in under 2 weeks time, the whole community will be back on the Fat Loss trail, Alcohol & Sugar intake will be a thing of the past. So, PREPARE EARLY!

I have switched my Whey & Amino supplier from PhD to MyProtein and they are offering a 25% discount with my code, they stock literally every flavour you can imagine, so the excuse of not liking the flavour next year will be out of the window and their delivery services are superb. Visit the link below:

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Coming in thick and fast between now and the New Year I will be sharing the secrets of Fat Loss transformation via my channel on Youtube, Titleist Golf Fitness Tips, Gym Workouts, Home Workouts, Recipes & much more. Subscribe at the link Below and reinvent yourself:

Some of this will also be available via Instagram & Twitter by following MWFitnessPro so follow on for more free info.


I’ll see many of you in the New Year, until then have a great Christmas. For specific help, drop me a line!