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Gaining serious results from your training and hitting your targets:

If you’re trying to lose weight, or as I prefer to see people lose, Fat, then it
is apparent that you need to create calorie deficits each week.

It sounds easy, eat less and you lose weight? Sure you do but most people that I
deal with who try this route end up destroying their metabolism further by
losing muscle mass rather than fat and ending up with a body that doesn’t sit too well on the beach. As you know the diet needs to be
specifically tailored to the training plan to maximise losses.

On the other hand, some people like to attempt to hit their goals via the
training route, I would always endorse this as exercise is key to toning muscles
and achieving the beach body look.
The main drawback for people going this way is that, in plain old straight
shooting from the hip talk, you will never out exercise a bad diet, fact!
Also, sadly, people just don’t do enough, I train many of you who train once a
week with me, this is simply not enough to overhaul what you eat throughout the
week and acquire you the results that you crave, you need to add in your own
back up training programme.

On an investment basis over the year, lets say the average once a week trainer
is spending between £1200-£1500 a year on fitness that keeps them ticking over
without guaranteeing any worthwhile results. This is due to a lack of volume and
can easily be improved upon by condensing the investment into a shorter period.

How I work with transformation clients is as follows:
Aside working on their diet, balancing out Carbs, Proteins and Fats, I then set
a schedule of 3 hours of training sessions each week for between 4-12 weeks
dependant upon their target. Sure, in the short term it seems like a big
commitment compared to what their monthly schedule would usually be but 3 hours
a week is hardly exhaustive and of course initially, the investment is higher.
However at the end of the training period, when they are 10-20kg lighter or have
increased their muscle tone and definition, their effort will have at least been
worthwhile, and they will have received more bang for their buck as I like to say.

Since Christmas, Alex (10kg) and Brad (25kg) have lost an astounding 35kg between them!

This was Brad… 163kg!

This is Brad now, 138kg with a final target of 120-125kg!

That’s aggressive Fat Loss!

So, if you’re taking one PT session each week, without backing the session up,
in all honesty, results will be hard to come by over the course of 12 months and
at a cost of £1200-£1500 it’s a large outlay for no results.
So for serious results, condense that same outlay into a shorter timeframe such
as 3 months and give yourself a great chance of hitting your targets and making
your outlay worthwhile.

Kick Fats Fat Ass!

Special congratulations to one of my most dedicated and hard working girls, Fiona Hockless won the Roehampton Club Spring Meet and has now cut 7 shots from her handicap!