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Do Men just decline with age?

Not necessarily at the rate that some do… As one of my coaches Shaun has written recently and I thought I’d follow on.

Here’s Why:

It’s always been assumed that as a man ages, his Testosterone levels naturally decline and cause many of the common symptoms men “over 35″ struggle with today such as: -

Low Energy -


Lack of Sex Drive And Dysfunction in “bedroom performance”

Excessive Chest Fat (aka. “manboobs”)


Muscle Loss

But recent research presented at the Endocrine Society’s 94th Annual Meeting in Texas revealed a shocking discovery:

“Low-Testosterone syndrome” is actually the RESULT of deteriorating general health – NOT the cause of it, like most doctors believe.”

In fact, a 5-year study of men between the ages of 35-80 found that there was very little difference in Testosterone levels among men who followed a healthy lifestyle. And that “Age” was NOT a significant factor.

Did you get that?

Age is really NOT a factor in low Testosterone!!!

So then what IS causing so much frustration for men “over 35″?

Well, when researchers looked at sub-groups among the men, they found that there were very specific factors that are causing a drastic decline in male hormones. As an example, one of the main contributors to Low-T found in their study was simply weight-management. You see, your Fat cells actually produce the female hormone, Oestrogen (even if you’re a man) which directly competes with Testosterone in your body.

In other words, the more Oestrogen you produce, the lower your Testosterone is going to be. And the more fat cells you have, the more Oestrogen you produce. But there’s actually “good news” too

The researchers found that Low-Testosterone Syndrome (or “low-t”) is completely avoidable, without resorting to potentially dangerous prescription hormone replacements. In other words, Your best defence against low-T is to use a natural method for increasing your testosterone.

Yes, focusing on Fat-loss with diet and exercise actually works. And it should be enough to keep your body happy and your hormones at healthy hormone levels as you age and get older. In fact, the world’s TOP Testosterone experts state that by following a balanced diet and reducing your Fat levels with exercise, you can significantly increase your Testosterone AND gain more Muscle AND decrease body Fat AND of course, increase your sex drive.

And the best part is, you can do it 100% naturally!

If you would like any further information on Low T, please contact me by email.


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