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During the holiday period our fitness quests can derail, its the season of poor food choices and increased alcohol levels.

Now before your holiday descends into a period of mass fat gains, I’d like to give you all a quick tip on how to reset the balance.

Keep Up your WATER intake!  This is the most effective way to assist your body to remain hydrated and better burn FAT!

Poor HYDRATION is most definitely high up there in terms of simple Fat Loss fails, Good hydration assists the body’s ability to torch FAT, as well as physical & mental performance.

The Benefits of Good Hydration:

1 Metabolic Boost putting the body in a better state to burn Fat.

2 Appetite suppression, many people mistake thirst for hunger.

3 Prevention of constipation & Kidney stones.

4 Prevention of Headaches & Migraines.

5 Improved energy levels.

Better hydration equals a leaner appearance in a matter of a few days.

The question is, How much should you drink?

A good guide is 1 oz per kg of body weight, for example I weigh 96kg so 96 oz a day, 96 oz = 1 pint, therefore I drink 6 pints per day just to function, if I exercise, its more!

Split through the day, that is one and a half pints in the morning and an hour before bed, the remaining 3 are consumed throughout the day.

STAY hydrated and offset The Christmas Fat gain!

During summer months dehydration can have a dramatic effect on sporting performance, so all my golfing friends take note!

For more information of your fitness & training performance, sustained Fat Loss & nutritional guides, drop me a line.



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