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The Abdominal Finisher

This sequence of 3 exercises can be added in to the end of any workout to hone in on the mid section as shown below:

The 4 sections to “The Abs”


Renegade Row

Side Plank with Abduction




Change your Ab routine around for the best Results!

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hi mark,how often and how many repetetitions should I be doing these excercises.i love planking.thanks


Hi Alison,
You can use this set of exercises at the end of your workout or you can use them daily as a solo set for core conditioning.
End of Workout:
Renegade Row 8 pulls on each arm, Keep the Abs locked.
Side Plank, start with 30 seconds each side focussing on maintaining high hips to challenge the Obliques. You can also add a reach under with the top arm or try dropping and raising the hips.
V-Ups 12-15 Controlled Reps
Rest for a minute and repeat the set twice more, 3 sets in total.
Renegade Row 4 sets with 30 seconds between sets.
Side Plank 3 on each side with no rest.
V-Ups 4 Sets with 30 seconds between sets.

Give both variations a go, it is vital to alter your workouts in terms of volume and intensity.

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