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Titleist Performance Golf Fitness Professional Level 2


Following a recent assessment, I have now moved to TPI Fitness Pro Level 2. In Level 1 I took some of you through Stability & Mobility screens and now I’m on hand to take you through Strength & Power Matrix screens as well as a 4×4 exercise sequencing to work from your current level up. Power is where most club Golfers are losing numbers and that starts with Strength training before introducing Speed work. The Strength Test consists of 4 Tests, Push, Pull, Lower Body & Grip. The Power Test consists of 4 Tests also, Vertical, Chest Pass, Chop & Rotary. There is even an aerobic Test to undergo! One thing is for sure, Golf is now an Athletes game, so don’t let your game go to pot! In the couple of seconds that you swing a Golf club you’re asking your body to rotate to extremes that it rarely ever does. You require a tremendous amount of strength to maintain stability as you try to crush that ball and lets be honest, none of us are trying to push it to the fairway are we. Contact me to book your screening today and set to work over winter to raise those Strength & Power numbers!’s_approach_to_fitness

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